MATERNAL INSTINCT is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to raise awareness and funds for maternal health through the power of digital assets and blockchain technology. Our mission is to address the pressing maternal health challenges faced by women globally, specifically black women, by leveraging the unique features of blockchain. 

Maternal Instinct Roadmap

Welcome to Maternal Instinct

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Meet The Team

Whether you are looking to learn more about motherhood or looking to build a community of support around you, we are here to help. Check out our growing library of resources and directory to help you navigate this journey into your maternal health. 

Mellap Murila LaBranche

Mellap is a visionary who is  transforming her passion for creating space for women and girls to live boldly into a reality.

Her journey into motherhood and fascination with evolving technology merged, leading her to launch an NFT project that focused on raising global maternal health awareness. 

Her goal is to revolutionize maternal health using innovative blockchain tech solutions and leverage her experience within the world of web3. 

Celeste Liyai

Celeste is a visionary business strategist and operations expert with an unwavering passion for maternal health. 

Her Commitment to revolutionizing the landscape of maternal care, combined with a fresh perspective on operational efficiency makes her a compelling force for positive change. 

Her goal is to establish a groundbreaking maternal health organization that provides comprehensive support and innovative solutions. 


Let's do great work together

Join us in revolutionizing black maternal health awareness and engagement through the power of digital assets and blockchain technology. Together we can make a difference. 

Revolutionizing black maternal health through digital asset ownership and blockchain technology 

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